Dr. Sushrut Gupta
Senior Consultant Physiotherapist

About Dr. Sushrut Gupta

Pain, stiffness, and discomfort maybe some of the symptoms you are experiencing when you decide to visit us. We will ask you a series of questions related to your problems, work, and activities, to help diagnose your current problem. A detailed physical examination will follow. With every patient, we carry out a complete assessment of the injury or problem, designed to understand the cause first and thereon the program of corrective treatment and preventive measures is developed. Many patients are unsure about what treatment may be needed – this is where we can help. As a patient, whether you need a couple of sessions or an extensive rehabilitation program, we will explain the diagnosis and tailor a personal treatment plan most suitable for your wellbeing. Treatment will start immediately as per the personal treatment and exercise plan, which may entail a few visits to complete a treatment cycle. We will brief you about the exercises and pain prevention techniques, which you can undertake at home or workplace, designed to allow you to take control of your condition, speed up your recovery and most importantly prevent any recurrence. A full range of treatments are available including electrotherapy, manipulation, mobilization and exercise therapy. We believe in 6C’s i.e.comfort,convenience,competence,clinical quality,cost-effectiveness and credibility

What Patients Say
  • I am a CA student, due to continuous sitting and wrong posture I was having severe backache, neckache and shoulder pain. I had to appear for the exams but was worried about how would I go about it. I came to know about Dr. Sushrut Gupta through google. He treated me patiently and dedicatedly. I had a wonderful timely recovery and could appear for the exams without having any pain. I wish him good luck. thank you, Doctor.

  • I recently was in Jaipur with my Parents from Delhi where I live. I was diagnosed with severe problems and almost no movement in my right leg. We went to SMS for treatment too which was too crowded and it takes hours before someone has a look at you for a few minutes only maybe seconds and sends you out. It wasn’t working out and my leg was giving me grief. We were referred to the Dr.Sushrut Gupta at Balaji Mod in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur by some of our Family Friends. He gave us personal attention took down my detailed medical history gave us a long yet informative counseling about the issues at hand and how he recommends we go about it with a roadmap to recovery and some timelines. We visited him regularly for about 12 days and what we could achieve was a miracle as earlier doctors could not achieve results in months. The daily therapies used were carried out with care and passion. Way to go…

    Pain Relieving Physio (Rani Devi) : i was diagnosed with lumbar spondylitis and was having severe backache for the last five years.I was having difficulty while standing and walking.I came to know about Dr SUSHRUT GUPTA through GOOGLE.He took my detailed history and gave me patient hearing.After taking regular treatment for about 20days i am relieved of pain and i am now able to stand and walk properly.thank you – Dr Sushrut and keep the good work going.

    PATIENT FRIENDLY CLINIC : I was suffering from severe knee pain since last 3 years, I tried many doctors in the city and out of the city and had plenty of pain killers as prescribed by them, But almost no relief. I was referred Dr. Sushrut Gupta, Physio by one of my friends. With 12 days treatment i am much relieved and no pain killers any more. Since day 1 Dr. Gupta was very patient and friendly. i am grateful to him for the excellent job done with my knees. Today i am again playing cricket in my club which was not possible a few months back. He knows his patient’s needs. Very responsible and dedicated toward his work. Found his clinic clean and hygenic. Hats off to him that i am again on the field. Without his efforts i would have been the same as i was.

    Great Going ! (Richa) : I am an IT Professional and work on my laptop for around 10 hrs daily. As a result, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders and back.I am aware that one should ensure correct sitting posture and should take frequent breaks to avoid this professional hazard. However, I felt the need to consult a physiotherapist who could help me get relief from this pain. I consulted Dr. Sushrut Gupta and was quite impressed with the confidence with which he handled my case. I also found the clinic to be hygienic with a good ambience. A few sittings later, I feel much better.Sir, you certainly know your job !

    excellent recovery (Anmol) : i was suffering from sciatica and was taking pain killers but all in vain.while searching internet i came to know about Dr Sushrut Gupta and took treatment from him for 12 days.Today I am thankful to him for his wonderful drug free treatment which has given me immense relief.I wish him all the best

    Amazing Doctor : He’s an absolute saviour!! I met with an accident about 2 months back and happened to fracture my left ankle. I had to travel abroad by end of next month for work and couldn’t miss this one absolutely. I needed help with my ankle immediately and that too good one. Was thankfully referred to Dr.Sushrut Gupta by my family doctor for post fracture stiffness. Thanks to the patient hearing he gives to the slightest of details followed by the 10 day regimen of ultrasound and Short Wave Diathermy, coupled with personalised excercise regimen using muscle imbalance evaluation and postural evaluation, I was up and about in 10 days flat. I am absolutely reccomending this wonder doc to everyone around. Great going Dr.Gupta…you were an absolute find!!!

    Young and Miraclous Doctor (Atul) : This Doctor is not a doctor… he is a wonderful doctor… i am a workalcohalic and travel a lot (on potholed roads) and developed an acute back pain over the period due to my negligence… My friend referred me Dr Sushrut and i thank him now for the same. Dr Sushrut not only gave me a patient hearing but minutely got into the history of my childhood injury etc and came up with his 15 day charasmatic therapy . The methodology and timings were as per my requirement and today i have forgotten that i ever had this serious back pain. Its wonderful to see such a young Doctor shaping our bones and muscles back to normalancy.. Wishing him a very bright future…